Rutherford - Raposa (LE 30)
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Rutherford - Raposa (LE 30)

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Raposa is here!

The Raposa is seen jumping through three rings, symbolizing a quickness and connectedness of both movement and cognition. The fur blazes with the spirit of life, a fire that flows with cunning and jest. The colorful variants express these traits in different ways: The rainbow showing vibrance and play, the copper wisdom and wit, the antique slyness and mystery, and the silver levelheadedness and tenacity. Raposa celebrates the dynamic and amazing fox in its many forms, and hopes to remind the wearer of all these incredible traits within themselves.

Drop Details:

Name: Raposa

Release: Friday, May 21st at 5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 PM Mountain, 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern

Metal: Silver Metal

Numbering: LE 30

Dimensions: 2.5" wide w/ four posts.

Features: 2.5 MM thick w/ 3D layers, glitter and partial blue glow

Extras: Back features date and collaborators’ marks, embossed pattern and enamel fill

Rules: You’ll be able to pick your variant on these! One per person. You can't go for more than one pin for the first 15 minutes

Price - $35 + $3.50 for shipping

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