KKitchenart - The Wizard Mask
KKitchenart - The Wizard Mask
Ground Score

KKitchenart - The Wizard Mask

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Name: The Wizard Face Mask
Release: 6/11/2020
Material: Polyester/Cotton Blend
Features: Backside has a pouch to insert your filter & adjustable straps for a custom fit
Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash with cold water and air dry
Concept: KKITCHENART x Ground Score
Design: Kyle Kitchen
Shipping Info: Shipped Immediately!

Additional Info: This mask comes with a set of two replaceable PM 2.5 filters. The filters are capable of filtering particles 2.5 microns & smaller.

What the filter protects against:
-Smoke from fire
-Car pollution
-Cigarette smoke

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